Our mission

Celebrate Pom Moms in every way, every day. 


Someone who loves and cares for her pom - like a mom! Bring your pom to work day? It's every day. Weekend trips = fuzzy carry-ons. Your lap? Their throne. In the words of Lisa Vanderpump, "I worship the ground he never walks on". Poms are experts in comedy with their human-like tendencies, and Pom Moms are always in-on-the-joke. May we know them, may we love them, may we be them. 

About us:

Founded by Dakota Barber on the west coast, Pom Mom is a loungewear and accessories brand based in Vancouver, BC Canada. All of our products are designed to keep you cozy and celebrate pomeranian ownership in the only way we know how: complete obsession. 

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